Lately a most unexpected thing has started to happen to me. Without any notice I suddenly black out, and when I awake I find myself transported to another place and time. After this happened to me a few times I realized that it might become a regular occurrence, so I decided to write this journal to keep track of it all. My travels range from a few minutes to a few days, but always backwards in time, giving me a unique glimpse of history as it happens. Then, just as suddenly as I left, I black out once more and wake to find myself back where I belong.

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Salem Witch Trials – Part 2

September 17th, 1692 – Salem, Massachusetts – Part 2

When we left the courtroom I soon found out that this unusual day was not quite over.  Nathaniel told me to stay beside him and we followed the throng of people as they left, all apparently going to the same place.  As we walked, Nathaniel explained that we were going to witness the torture of one Giles Corey.  Corey had been accused of being a witch by three of the “afflicted” girls.  One stated that he had appeared to her as a specter, beaten her, and tried to force her to write her name in the Devil’s book. Continue reading

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Salem Witch Trials – Part 1

September 17th, 1692 – Salem, Massachusetts

Today I awoke to find myself not in my bed, but sat on an unpaved road, hidden in the shade of a wooden building.  Up ahead a large and very animated throng of people was headed in my direction in the midst of a heated debate, allowing me to slip unnoticed into the back of the procession as it passed by.  The people’s outfits immediately put me in mind of Pilgrims or Colonial America.  When I heard what they were talking so excitedly about I knew I was not far off the mark.  One word was constantly repeated in their agitated conversations – “witch”. Continue reading

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The Black Death

April 27th, 1349 – London

Well this was a hell of a place and time in which to wake up.  Quite literally in fact.  The scene I beheld I could never have imagined.  The smell hit me first, a putrid stench of rotting something or other.  But the noise followed soon after.  A general wailing and howling of misery.  As I walked, probably with my mouth wide open (which I would soon realize probably wasn’t a great idea), I surveyed the scene.  The most obvious thing was the bodies strewn around the streets.  Don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t some post-apocalyptic wasteland. Continue reading

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August 24th, A.D. 79 – Southern Italy

My first few journeys through time are now something of a haze to me.  The initial shock and disbelief, assumption of my own insanity, etc., added to my not keeping a written account of them, makes this the first of my travels through time of which I have a clear record and memory.  Besides which, it was pretty damn hard to forget.  I awoke in an alleyway, unable to discern anything about my location.  Almost immediately the ground beneath me began to shake. Continue reading

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